Guest Blog: meet the new kids on the block

Guest Blog: meet the new kids on the block

By Christopher Nathan
World Renowned Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Guru

I had great pleasure in being invited to help commission North America's latest extra virgin avocado oil plants in California. The people involved are real foodies with a great passion for innovation.

Their plant uses the latest in machine design to produce what is most probably "the finest extra virgin avocado oil in the world” today. This is a direct result of high quality raw materials with avocados you would eat every day.

The attention to detail of every aspect of the operation is a testament to Mike and his team, bringing you culinary “Green Gold” that will enhance everything you cook!

They have not stopped at just extra virgin avocado oil but have already started to produce oils such as Lemon Zest Avocado Oil and Cilantro Infused Avocado Oil using fresh produce, not distilled essences. This aspect alone puts them at the leading edge of "culinary oils with attitude.

Note: Christopher Nathan is a witty, intelligent, world renowned extra virgin avocado oil production & quality expert, trained chef, and burgeoning winemaker from New Zealand. We were lucky enough to have him visit with our team here in the USA for three wonderful weeks and our oil miller was fortunate enough be Chris' apprentice. 

avocado oil production in CaliforniaChris assisting Scott, our resident oil miller
cooking onions in avocado oil
Chris teaching our team how to properly sweat onions in extra virgin avocado oil
stew made with avocado oil
Chris Nathan also showed us how to make a number of New Zealand style dishes with extra virgin avocado oil

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