Why Avocado Oil?


In addition to being delicious, avocado oil has countless cooking and health benefits.  Here are a few of its virtues that we value most:


The Perfect Superfood

      • Avocado oil embodies the healthy fats that are so universally loved about avocados themselves
        • 10g of monounsaturated fats per serving and high in cholesterol-lowering beta sitosterol
        • Great addition to a heart-healthy diet: no trans-fats, preservatives or cholesterol
        • The main fatty acid in avocado oil is oleic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory properties
    • Our California Extra Virgin Avocado oil is pressed right here in California using California grown Hass avocados 
    • All our avocado oils are Certified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project
    • Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
    • All our avocado oils are naturally gluten-free 
    • All our avocado oils are produced without the use of hexanes, solvents or additives
    • Avocado oil is a plant-based fat and is naturally cholesterol-free and a celebrated part of the Mediterranean Diet
    • Avocado oil is naturally sodium-free 

High Smoke Point

Naturally refined CalPure® Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point among all cooking oils at 520°F, and our CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil have the highest smoke points among other extra virgin oils, including extra virgin olive oil. Oils with high smoke points make high-temperature cooking much safer and easier, and results in healthier, better tasting food.

smoke point chart