CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil



holding california avocado for extra virgin avocado oil  

One of a Kind

CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is created from grocery store quality Hass avocados, which are locally sourced, hand-picked at peak ripeness and carefully pressed at our facility in Southern California. 

Our extra virgin oil has a particularly high smoke point (400°F), allowing it it to be safely used for medium to high-heat cooking, baking, grilling or frying. Its great taste and amazing color makes it a perfect ingredient in dips, spreads and dressings, where it can be celebrated as the highlight of a recipe. Like avocados themselves, extra virgin avocado oil is also particularly high heart-healthy in monounsaturated fat (the good fat!).  

Production & Quality

The production of our avocado oil is as unique as the product itself. As one of the the only cooking oils made from the pulp of the fruit rather than the pit or skin, our extra virgin avocado oil is produced as naturally as possible using premium European machinery. Our oil is free of hexane and other chemical solvents that many other oil production processes use. Pressing at lower temperatures allows the avocado oil to retain its nutritional content, natural & expressive aromas, emerald green color and superb flavors.

As the producer, we are able to source our fruit from farmers all over Central and Southern California who are experts in their trade and take pride in the quality of fruit they produce. We also continuously control for quality within our production process - every batch of oil tested for color, clarity and flavor by our oil millers. We consider our oil to be a labor of love and a true work of art. We promise there is nothing else quite like it! Learn more about our simple yet unique milling process. 


By producing our oil locally and utilizing every byproduct, we are able to keep our product very affordable and on par or below the price of other extra virgin cooking oils on the market. We believe affordability is important-  most people use cooking oil every single day.

Varietals & Tasting Notes

While CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is almost exclusively of the Hass cultivar, we occasionally use the Lamb Hass, Bacon, Fuerte and Zutana varietals. Each varietal adds its own subtle flavor to each bottle. At certain times of the year, we produce limited edition oils that are exclusively made from rare or heirloom avocado varietals. Extra virgin avocado oil produced from high quality Haas avocados picked at optimal ripeness should be mild and pleasant on the palate with tasting notes of avocadobutter, citrus and grass. 

Fruit Sourcing & Harvesting 

The best extra virgin avocado oil starts with top quality avocados. Avocados are harvested by hand throughout California and sorted, sized and analyzed for their oil content. Only avocados that meet our stringent quality standards are selected for pressing at our facility. We use the same avocados you'd find at the farmer's market or local grocery store.