CaPure® California Grapeseed Oil

calpure™ grapeseed oil

Grown, Pressed and Bottled in California

California is known for producing some of the highest quality grapes in the world, which are used to produce world-class wines. Those same grapes have been used to press our exclusive CalPure® California Grapeseed Oil. 


Grapeseed oil is a true pantry staple and the perfect replacement for canola, corn, vegetable, olive and nut oil. Its high smoke point allows it to be safely used as the ideal go-to oil for light frying, sautéing and baking. Grapeseed oil’s mild, fresh favor also makes the perfect canvas for your favorite dressing and vinaigrette recipes. Our grapeseed oil is a culmination of many months of searching for a light, healthy and delicious addition to our line-up. We absolutely love having grapeseed oil in our kitchen and we hope you will too! 





Health Benefits

Our California Grapseed Oil is crafted from 100% California grapeseeds without additives, fillers or preservatives of any kind. It is a particularly good source of the antioxidant vitamin E and contains 9.49g of heart-healthy omega-6 per serving. In addition, our California Grapeseed Oil is contains no trans-fats and is naturally cholesterol-free, sodium-free and gluten-free.

Beyond The Kitchen

Grapeseed oil is the perfect skin, scalp and hair moisturizer. It is lighter than olive and coconut oil, and unlike many oils, it is scent-free. Due to its mild antiseptic properties and naturally high levels of vitamin E, grapeseed oil has long been valued as a key ingredient in many personal care products from shampoo to lipstick.