What is the difference between refined and extra-virgin avocado oil?

Please see a more complete explanation of these differences on our How It's Made page. Extra virgin avocado oil is the first pure pressing of the avocados. In order to create high quality, emerald green extra virgin avocado oil, the avocados must enter the pressing process at peak quality and ripeness. Right off the press, it is raw and delicious, rich in color, and robust with avocado flavor. 

Naturally refined avocado oil is first pressed, and then put through a natural filter of diatomaceous earth and steam, gently removing the triglycerides and chlorophyll, and therefore much of the color and pronounced avocado flavors. This results in oil much paler in color that has a higher smoke point of 520°F, whereas our extra virgin oils are slightly lower at 400°F.

We recommend using our naturally refined CalPure® Avocado Oil for high-temperature cooking and frying. CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil or CalPure® Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil are excellent for everyday cooking, grilling or sautéing, dipping, emulsifying, spreading and drizzling. We recommend keeping both extra virgin and refined oils in your pantry! 

What are the advantages of cooking oil with a high smoke point?
The smoke point of oil indicates at which temperature the oil will begin to break down. Once this breakdown occurs, an acrid smoke is released, and the food you are cooking will undoubtedly start to burn. This same smoke can release toxic fumes and dangerous free radicals. In a worst case scenario, smoking oil can quickly devolve into a grease fire.
Oils with high smoke points make high-temperature cooking much safer. Refined avocado oil has the highest smoke point of all oils at 520°F. What’s more, the neutral taste of CalPure® Avocado Oil also means you won’t add any unwanted flavors to your dish, so you can also use it for deep-frying.

However, if you are looking to dress up a salad or drizzle oil over steamed veggies, CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a better choice for lower temperature, everyday cooking. Its smoke point reaches 400°F, which is substantially higher than other extra virgin oils including extra virgin olive oil. 

What are the health benefits of using avocado oil?
We could go on and on about the benefits of avocado oil. After all, the avocado is well known as a superfood. If we included all the old wives’ tales and anecdotal evidence we’ve heard and experienced along the way, we could keep you on this page for ages. Speaking scientifically, avocado oil is beneficial in monounsaturated fats, cholesterol-lowering beta-sitosterol and oleic acid—all key components of a heart-healthy diet. For more information, please see Avocado Oil Benefits.

Are your oils nut-free?
Our California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is produced in-house and we do not process nuts at our facility - we only handle avocados. Our California Grapeseed Oil and naturally-refined avocado oil are also produced in dedicated facilities that do not process nuts or nut oils. Our 250ml and 500ml bottles of oil are bottled in a facility that handles nut oils in a separate area.

While our bottler goes to great lengths to avoid any cross contamination, it's remotely possible that airborne traces nut oil could make it into our oil. Our foodservice sizes (one gallon and above) are bottled in our 100% nut-free facility.  
What are monounsaturated fats and why are they beneficial?
Chemically speaking, monounsaturated fatty acids—also called MUFAs—are a fatty acid chain composed of single-bonded molecules and one double-bonded (or unsaturated bond) molecule. Practically speaking, monounsaturated fats are known to have great health benefits, particularly for heart-healthy diets. The American Heart Association attests that, when consumed in moderation, MUFAs are helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body, reducing a person’s risk for heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, they contain Vitamin E—a vitamin widely known to be good for the skin.

What is oleic acid?
Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat, also known as Omega-9. Less susceptible to spoiling, it serves as a natural preservative in whatever oils or vegetables it occurs. Avocados happen to be one of the highest sources of it. In 2000, the American Diabetes Association conducted a study in Ireland that proved that diets high in oleic acid were beneficial in controlling sugar and insulin levels in diabetics. While helpful to the body in so many ways, it is always important to consume plant-based fats in conjunction with a healthy diet.

How do I order in bulk?
Please fill out the form on our Wholesale page or contact us directly with questions. 

Why is it recommended to keep the oil out of light?
Like all packaged natural foods, avocado oil can break down when exposed to the sun, diminishing the quality and flavor of the oil. We go to great lengths to ensure that every bottle of our oil is safe for consumption, which is why our bottles are green-tinted. This safe and non-toxic tint protects our oils from harmful UV rays, without ever needing to use any UV additives to the glass.

Will avocado oil flavor my food?
CalPure Foods offers two different types of avocado oil for cooks to get the just the right flavor for their dishes. Our naturally refined is naturally refined, resulting in a light, neutral taste. This is ideal when deep frying, sautéing, grilling or roasting. However, for a more pronounced avocado flavor and excellent replacement for extra virgin olive oil, we recommend using one of our extra virgin avocado oils. The light-touch process keeps the avocado flavors, colors and aromas in tact, which makes it a great addition to salads and perfect for dipping or drizzling. Ideally, a well stocked pantry would include both types of avocado oil. 

Does avocado oil have any other uses?
Avocado oil is as diverse in its uses as it is delicious. In addition to making it part of the Mediterranean or DASH Diets, many people integrate it into their beauty regime. The vitamins and minerals in avocado oil are said to be great for the skin, reducing inflammation and moisturizing the hair and scalp. For these reasons, many skin and hair care products use it as an ingredient.

Is avocado oil helpful for all kinds of cooking?
Absolutely! Extra virgin avocado oil can be used to cook at low, medium and medium-high temperature. It is great for dipping, drizzling, and adding to homemade dressings. Use extra virgin avocado oil where you'd normally use olive oil. Naturally refined avocado oil is an excellent choice for high and very high heat cooking. It acts as an excellent carrier for the flavors you are cooking with.