Identifying Top Quality Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Color and Flavor
The color of a top quality cooking oil should be similar to the fruit it comes from. Extra virgin avocado oil should be emerald green in color and have a full but mild & complex flavor, similar to avocados themselves. Similarly, olive oil should be gold in color and have a more bold, peppery flavor. While almost all of our oil is pressed from Hass avocados, we occasionally introduce heirloom varieties into our oil mill, and each varietal has its own subtle but unique flavor profile. 

Extra Virgin

Extra virgin avocado oil is extracted using only avocados and fresh cold water, chemical solvents are never used. While there are certifying agencies that aid consumers in finding true extra virgin olive oil, there are no such programs available (yet) for extra virgin avocado oil. 


Quality cooking oils will come in dark glass or painted uv protected bottles. These bottles help protect the oil from light and oxygen, extending the shelf life of the oil before and after it is opened. Once you open a bottle of oil you should plan on using it within several months. This is why we encourage most customers to purchase multiple small bottles of extra virgin avocado oil rather than one large bottle.  

Price Point

High quality extra virgin avocado oil costs more to produce than refined cooking oils and is therefore sold at a higher price point. We try our hardest to keep our prices affordable enough for everyday use by sourcing fruit grown locally.