Our Story

Mike and Erika Rutledge - CalPure Foods

Finding The Perfect Product

As avid home cooks and California produce farmers, Michael and Erika Rutledge wanted to find a healthy, tasty and versatile cooking oil that they could use to make their favorite dishes for friends and family, including their two young children. They began cooking with extra virgin avocado oil, but quickly discovered that it was very hard to find in stores and online - almost all of the avocado oil on the market was refined and imported. They loved it so much, they decided to focus their efforts on creating their own extra virgin avocado oil. 

In 2016, they found a stellar team and began building one of the first avocado cold-pressing facilities in the United States. In making their CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, CalPure proudly sources avocados from farms throughout California. Many are owned and operated by farming families who have been growing avocados for generations. Since our company sources exceptional fruit from some of the best avocado farmers in California, our oil is very high quality and unique. Most importantly, every bottle has a story to tell.   

CalPure also sources avocado oil from partnering farms around the world, including naturally-refined CalPure® Avocado Oil from Central Mexico. We work with small producers there and extensively vet our refined oil suppliers for quality, food safety and integrity.