Quality & Integrity

Blossom to Bottle Promise

We would never produce or sell a product we wouldn't happily feed to our own family. As veteran produce farmers, maintaining the food industry’s highest standards comes easy.

In our commitment to quality, our CalPure® California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is produced in our world-class facility in California using carefully selected avocados which are always hand-picked and grown by farmers who stand by the quality of their work. Localizing production and working directly with avocado producers enables control over all aspects of quality from blossom to bottle.

Knowing What's In Our Bottle

We strive for ultimate transparency in marketing of all our products, and we believe you are what you eat. To this end, we obsessively conduct extensive safety and nutritional testing on all of our products. We happily make these tests available to anyone who asks

Food and Industrial Safety

In addition to having a food and industrial safety expert on staff, our California facility is regularly inspected by a 3rd party agency to ensure it meets industry standards in food and industrial safety. All of our refined oil sourced from partnering producers around the world is extensively tested by a 3rd party laboratory in the USA for quality, and all of our oils are always bottled right here in California.